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Beauregard High School Media Center



Beauregard High School Media Center 
HOURS: 7:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.
Mrs. Regena Spence, Media Specialist


Beauregard High School Media Center Policies


Students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to not infringe upon the rights of others. If students choose to spend time in the media center, they are to conduct themselves appropriately. Students are welcome in the media center for browsing or reading magazines and/or newspapers. However, they must remember that other students are in the media center to work. If they choose to be disruptive, they are asked to leave.


  • No food or drinks are allowed.
  • No personal grooming is allowed.
  • Be considerate of other people in the room.
  • Take care of materials, equipment and facilities.
  • [Those responsible for damage or loss of media center materials will incur all expenses.]



Students may check out general circulation materials for 2 weeks or less. After a 1 day grace period, the student will incur a $. 05 per day fine. Reference books may be checked out after 6th period, and must be returned before school the following day. If you are ill, you are expected to make arrangements with a family member or friend to return any overnight books The student will incur a $1.00 fine per day for any over night materials, which are turned in late. 


A copier is maintained in the media center for student use. Copies are $0.10 each. Everyone who uses the copier must abide by federal and state copyright laws. Copyright restrictions are posted.


**All students at BHS have access to the Alabama Virtual Library through the BHS WebPages available in the media center. The URL address is



  • Using Destiny Online (the card catalog) at the kiosk computers, you can locate any book in the Beauregard High School Library by its title, subject, keyword, or series name. Using the card catalog, you can tell where to find books in the library by using the call number. Call numbers are located on the lower spine of the book. The card catalog will also tell you the availability of books.
  • Fiction books can be defined as narratives or stories in which all or some of the events, characters and places are imagined. Fiction books are placed on the shelves in alphabetical order by the last name of the author under the letter "F or FIC".
  • Nonfiction books are books written primarily to give you facts about all kinds of subjects. Nonfiction books are found under the call numbers from the Dewey Decimal System of Classification. Reference books call numbers are preceded by "REF". 
  • 000-099 General works (includes encyclopedias)
  • 100-199 Philosophy and psychology
  • 200-299 Religion
  • 300-399 Social sciences
  • 400-499 Language
  • 500-599 Natural sciences and Mathematics
  • 600-699 Technology (applied sciences)
  • 700-799 The Arts
  • 800-899 Literature and rhetoric
  • 900-999 Geography and history  
  • Biographies and autobiographies are books written about particular people. Biographies and autobiographies are both in the biography section of the library.
  • Collective biographies (books containing more than one biography) can be found in the 920 section of the library. Individual biographies and autobiographies are found under the call number 92.



Internet access is offered on all the computers in the Media Center. The Lee County Board of Education Acceptable Use Policy governs all library Internet usage. A student must have an Internet permission form on file prior to his/her using the Internet computer. The permission form must be signed by the student's parent or guardian. Students should remember that state and federal copyright laws regulate the use of Internet information. Furthermore, Internet searches must be conducted on only class related projects. Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on library computers. Access is a privilege, not a right! Damaging computer systems, playing games, displaying offensive messages, pictures, or obscene language, changing ANY settings, and downloading files, games or anything else other than articles/pictures for research are all prohibited. The BHS library Internet stations are not available for sending or receiving e-mail. Articles can be viewed at the station and/or printed out with the librarian's permission. Any abuse of computer rules may result in access being denied, revoked or suspended.


Teachers will sign up on the media center calendar in order to schedule a class visit. To reserve a library time, you may sign up on the calendar in the media center, or email us at We can accommodate two classes at the same time. When sending individual students, please limit the number to five students and send them with a blue media center pass that includes the research purpose. Library passes will be put in each teacher's mailbox. Additional passes can be requested by the teacher. Teachers can only write library passes for students who have a library assignment for his/her class. Example: Science teachers cannot give a student a pass to do an English report. Do not give a pass to a student just because they want one--give them a pass because they have to do an assignment for you.


Conference Room Reservations 

If you would like to reserve this conference room, please sign the "Conference Room Reservation" section of the Media Center Master Schedule which is located on the circulation desk or email us at .