Brown, Richard Principal
Hughes, Charlie Assistant Principal
Robbins, Holly Renae 9-10 Counselor
Long, Carol Secretary/Receptionist
Evans, Jacquelyn Perm. Sub / Office Aide

Andrews, Cherry Foreign Languages
Baker, Debbie P Sp. English/Literacy I/Transitions St.
Blanton, Stephanie Mathematics
Braun, Evan Mathematics Teacher
Bridges, Allen Vocation Teacher-HVAC
Brown, Rachel Science
Brown, Richard Principal
Capps, Kevin Math
Carter, Heather Special Education
Carter, Rob Social Studies/Coach
Cleiland, Jennifer Math
Copeland, Glenn Math/Coach
Cordon, Emily English Teacher
Dent, Mary Lynne Resource
Drakeford, Steven ISS Aide
Edwards, Joy English9/JV Cheer Coach
Fleming, Charles English
Glisson, Mike Business Education/Coach
Goldmann, Erik Health Science
Grier, Carson PE/Health/Coach
Hill, Amy English
Hillsman, John Band Director
Hughes, Charlie Assistant Principal
Ives, Lindsey English
Jenkins, Charles Agribusiness/FFA
Johnson, Michelle Career Tech
Kenney, Pam Fine Arts
King, Charles E Jr Ag/Tech
Kirk, Christy English
Lake, Shane Science/ Biology and Environmental
Lindsey, Michael 9-10 Social Studies
Mairtin, Stephen Special Education
McClendon, Josh Math/Coach
McDonald, Stephanie Science/Varsity Cheer Coach
McGhar, Karen Special Education/Resource
Milligan, Sabrina PE/Coach
Moore, James R Driver Education
Moseley, Lauren Goula Special Education
Murphy, Britian Social Studies
Peacock, Rena Science
Philpot, Kelvin United States History/Girls Basketball Coach
Powell, Heather Special Education
Pratt, Carl Science Teacher
Register, Matthew History/ Coach
Sevier, Amy Family Consumer Science
Spates, Pennie P ACCESS, Credit Recovery Facilitator and COOP Coordinator
Spence, Regena Library Media Specialist
Spivey, Lillian Business Education
Thorn, Wade Coach/Health/P.E.
Walker, Kimberlie English
White, Jessica Social Studies
Yeager, Amanda Science

Capps, Teri Para-educator/Special Education
Coleman, Gina MD Aide
Folds, Alicia Bookkeeper
Ford, Amber School Nurse
Frazier, Katrina Aide
Haywood, Jason Child Nutrition Manager
Hillsman, Marcia School Registrar
Howard, Julie Aide
Meadows, Scott ISS/ISD and Coach
Mills, Rhonda M-D Aide
Phillips, Lori School Nutrition Inventory Clerk