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Supply List 

Students enrolled in English 11 need the following supplies:

  • 2" or 3" three-ring binder
  • dividers (at least five)
  • college dictionary (or access to one online/app)
  • thesaurus (or access to one online/app)
  • pencils
  • blue/black pens
  • highlighters (blue, green, yellow)
  • index cards and sandwich bag with seal for vocabulary cards (optional)
  • permanent markers (all points)
  • correction tape or Liquid Paper
  • assignment notebook (optional)
  • loose-leaf COLLEGE-RULED paper (NO spiral notebooks!) 
  • USB (flash) drive

Supplies will be needed throughout the year for various projects; this information will be given out in class as each project is assigned as well as posted to the Projects section of this website.

I also STRONGLY encourage you to purchase your own copies of the plays and novels that we will be working with in class; that way, the copies are yours annotate for your own use. These works are as follows:  The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald), Our Town (Wilder), Night (Wiesel), and To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee).  There may be one or two other works that we will study as time allows; students will be made aware of these titles with plenty of time to purchase personal copies.